DJ Kastet

On-air name:
DJ Kastet

Real name:

September 2


Higher… hellish specialty. Boilers are everything!

How I got on radio:
In my case, I was there first, and then the radio got into me!

Time on-air:
Always nearby!

A few words that describe me:
As soon as my cat Grey Repovich can tell you, I’ll definitely write it here!

Cycling, photography

What I value most in people:
Honesty combined with energy in life!

All our RJs

Other than hosting radio shows, I also:
Distract RJs by helping out (or something like that)

Favorite food:
Something meaty 🙂

Favorite relaxing spot:
By a sea, on a bike!

You can find me:
On cycling paths

My question:
Do you listen to Novaline?

My dream:
One dream – a peaceful sky

Wishes to listeners:
Listen to Novaline!

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  • Время И Стекло - Дим
  • Laud Feat. Yarima - Забирай
  • Arturro Mass - Знайшла Та Відкрила
  • Ivan Navi - Викинути Тебе З Голови
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