IT_News – 10.18.23

Minecraft became the first video game in history to reach 300 million copies sold

Microsoft will pay a reward of up to $15,000 for the discovery of vulnerabilities in Bing's AI services

NVIDIA GeForce NOW will increase in price starting November 1st in many countries, but not in the US

The Threads social network has added a post editing feature, and it's free

Mojang's blocky sandbox Minecraft, created by Swedish developer Markus Persson, used to be considered a video game in history, and recently widened the gap. It will be recalled that the last time Mojang reported on the success of its brainchild was in the fall of 2021 — in April of the same year, the total sale of Minecraft on all target platforms reached 238 million copies. As it became known from the presentation of Minecraft Live 2023, recently the sales of Minecraft exceeded 300 million copies — its closest pursuer in the ranking of the best-selling games is GTA V with 185 million copies. A record achievement for games was conquered by Minecraft on the eve of its 15th anniversary, which Mojang Studios is going to celebrate throughout 2024. What kind of celebrations the developers are preparing is currently not specified.

Microsoft announced the launch of a program to find vulnerabilities in the field of AI. The main goal of this initiative is to identify vulnerabilities that can significantly affect the security of the user experience when using Bing's AI-oriented service. The program provides researchers from around the world with the opportunity to receive rewards from $2,000 to $15,000 for qualified reports on vulnerabilities found. Microsoft's goal is to draw the attention of security experts to analyze the work of Bing's generative chatbot and its integration with other company products. Researchers who are at least 14 years of age can participate in the program, subject to obtaining permission from a legal representative for minor participants.

The NVIDIA company announced an increase in the price of a subscription to the GeForce NOW cloud gaming service in a number of countries from November 1. For example, the GeForce NOW Ultimate monthly plan will increase by 6 Canadian dollars in Canada, 2 British pounds in the UK, and 2 euros more in the EU. The price increase will also affect the Priority and Founders game plans. A six-month subscription to the GeForce NOW Ultimate service will increase in price by 20 Canadian dollars, 10 British pounds and 10 euros, respectively. The representative of NVIDIA, Jordan Dodge, in a conversation with journalists of the portal The Verge, noted that US residents will not be affected by the changes in the price policy of the GeForce NOW service.

CEO of Meta Platforms Mark Zuckerberg announced the integration of the function of editing messages in the Threads social network, which is an analogue of Twitter. Thanks to this, users can, if necessary, edit their entries within five minutes of publication. This can be useful if there is an error in a particular message, but it has already been published. Unlike social network X (formerly Twitter), where the button to edit posts appeared last year and later became available as part of a paid subscription, Threads users can interact with this tool without any restrictions. The feature will soon be available to all users on the Threads mobile app as well as the web version of the platform. It should be noted that Threads does not display the post change history that X has. This means that Threads users can post an entry within minutes, get likes and retweets, and then change the text as they see fit. This can cause problems because the edit button will be used by unscrupulous users, for example to spread misinformation. It is not yet known if Meta plans to add a feature to display the history of changes to posts.

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