RJ Andy Klenoff

On-air name:
Andy Klenoff

Real name:

December 11


Higher education

How I got on radio:
Luckily, not through a producer’s bed…))

Time on-air:
Since 1996

A few words that describe me:
I love to move and make others moving…

Assembling and disassembling, vinyl records

What I value most in people:
Honesty and openness

Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Shirley Bassey, Dalida, Cerrone

Other than hosting radio shows, I also:
Raising my daughter

Favorite food:
Cheese pancakes from my mother-in-law

Favorite relaxing spot:
Club “Tropicana” in Miami… oh wait, no… my couch

You can find me:
In line, at a club, in a library…

My question:
How do I manage to do it all???

My dream:
Peace in Ukraine!!!

Wishes to listeners:
Don’t change the station… To be continued…

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  • Iрина Федишин - Чужi Уста
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