Max Anatolich

On-air name:
Max Anatolich

Real name:
Max, but not Anatolich

May 13


Higher education, Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport

How I got on radio:
It struck Max to choose between joining a comedy club or going to the radio while studying at university. Without much thought (because the stars aligned that way), he came to the radio. They asked him to record news, but it turns out he became a host. That’s how it happened, honestly!

Time on-air:
7 years

A few words that describe me:
Lazy enthusiast, extreme procrastinator, Music lover (with a capital M?), openned, friendly

Gamer – the legend, developer of a modification for a survival game in the time of a zombie apocalypse, guitar? (Because it still needs to be learned)

What I value most in people:
Honesty, humanity, transparency, positivity

Ryan Gosling, AVICII (F, legend), Jalsomino

Other than hosting radio shows, I also:
Play PC, listen to Novaline, and various radio stations seeking cool tracks, learn languages?

Favorite food:
Potatoes in any form, and with anything! And any sweet treat

Favorite relaxing spot:
Bed, armchair, and all of it at home

You can find me:
I’ll find you by myself..!

My question:
If you could change the world, where would you start?

My dream:
To see the world with my own eyes, not through maps

Wishes to listeners:
Dream, plan, and achieve!

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  • Pidpal - Я Вдома
  • Tiesto - The Business
  • Parfeniuk - Поряд
  • Fly Project - Musica
  • Ice Mc - Think About The Way
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